21 to Smoke in Hawaii

21 to Smoke in Hawaii

As much as I LOVE living here in Hawaii I have to admit I am not to fond of their new law. You see Hawaii just became the FIRST and only state to raise smoking age from 18 to 21. This is INCLUDING E-cigs. Now keep in mind I am NOT a smoker (although I was at one time, and I didn’t even start smoking when I did until I was 27 years old) however I believe that if at the age of 18 a person can fight for our country why can they NOT be able to light a cigarette or purchase an Ecig if they chose to do so. It just does not seem to be fair to me. Yup you can die for us but you cant smoke a cigarette.

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I have read so many thoughts on this subject. And my father and so many others (have and continue to do so) fought for us to have our freedom. But I feel those freedoms get taken away every day. As a non smoker I still believe I have the right to not smoke or be in smoke HOWEVER I also believe the smokers have the right to go into a designated smoking space and smoke BUT that right was taken as well. I feel we are ALL allowed to choose how we feel and think on subjects (once again people like my dad fought/fight for that right for us to be able to) but at the same time still be considerate of other’s and what they CHOOSE to believe as well.

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I don’t know I just do not feel this new law is fair..buuuut hey you 18, 19 and 20 year old’s make sure you make your taxes!!


Curious what are YOUR thoughts on this? How would YOU feel if it was the state you lived in? Remember guys everyone deserves to have their own beliefs so please do not be rude and crude and comment on others comments..good humored and polite debates are more then welcomed tho!