5 Types of mirrors that will rock your world

5 Types of mirrors that will rock your world

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to mirrors.

Everybody understands that mirror is an item that helps you during preparation and hygiene processes. But, when purchasing one, people usually focus on décor and the way that mirror will fit your home. Shape and size of the mirror is much more important than the functionality.

And this is precisely where most people make a mistake.

Although mirrors are seemingly the same when it comes to their functionality, they are actually quite different. Some of them are ideal for makeup while some of them are good for clothes. There is also a difference when it comes to perfect place for positioning.

In order to shed light on these differences and proper use of mirrors check the 5 types of mirrors below:

  1. Regular mirror


Let’s start with regular mirrors.

These mirrors are the most common and majority of homeowners think of them when we mention mirrors.  Even though they come in various shapes and forms, their functionality is rather limited.

Yes, they are still mirrors in their widest sense but they don’t give you anything special.

Nevertheless, they are still good for people who put décor first.


  1. LED mirror


LED mirrors are the new age mirrors. They are really specific due to their sci-fi look and they fit perfectly with modern interior design. However, this is not the biggest advantage of having such an item in your home.

LED mirrors are often used in the bathroom. They have numerous LED bulbs surrounding their surface. Such bathroom mirror is really great as it helps with makeup and it doesn’t need an additional source of light.

But there is more. LED bulbs are really energy-efficient and can last several times longer than the regular bulbs. They are the best choice for the families that wish to save the planet.


  1. Hollywood mirror


Do you remember all these Hollywood movies where big stars have a big, illuminated mirror in front of them? Well, that is Hollywood mirror.

Up to this day, this type of a mirror is the best option for makeup artists. Although it is very similar as LED mirror (it is surrounded with bulbs) Hollywood mirror illuminates your face much better. This means that the entire process is much easier and you can rest assured that there will be no blank spot on your face after you’ve finished putting your makeup.


  1. Folding mirror


Folding mirror is not as efficient as Hollywood mirror. Nevertheless, it is a good way to check different angles.

There are two main things that need to be considered with this model: its practicality and functionality.

When it comes to practicality, folding mirror can easily be folded and takes much less space than it would if you kept it open.

Its functionality comes with the fact that you can spread its wings allowing you to see your face from different perspectives.


  1. Standing mirror


Standing mirror is ideal for people who do not wish to have a full-sized mirror hanging from the wall. It is also a good option for all those who do not have enough space to position it.

Great thing about this model is that you can put it and remove it at your leisure. This means that it can be positioned anywhere in your home. Nevertheless, most homeowners will still keep it in bedroom or wherever their clothes may be. It is a perfect solution allowing you to do everything in the same room.




Consider these tips the next time you make a mirror purchase. They might save you a lot of time and money.