A Waterless Detroit Michigan?

A Waterless Detroit Michigan?

no water


So there seems to be an issue in Detroit Michigan. I just read an article where 40% of the residents there are getting there water shut off so that the water company can prepare for a Corporate buyout.

Corporate Buyout

Corporate Buyout

SERIOUSLY?? This is so not right people! Imagine not having water to wash your dishes with

Water to Wash Dishes


or to cook with

Water to cook

or to even take a shower with

Water to shower

Here is a story of a young lady name Nicole, who is a single mom with 3 kids who is also a full time student that got her water shut off 6 weeks ago even though she paid her bill!! How can this even happen legally?

Nicole in Detroit


She has put a plea for help out there. As a Blogger who is a mother and a grandmother, how could I not help get the word out there about this? I could not imagine this happening to my family. There is a company that is asking for donation of water, water coolers, and other essential items to help Nicole and the rest of the 40% that this has happened to. You can go to Detroit Water-Brigade and Detroit Water-Brigade’s Wedding Registry on Amazon and place an order for water (they have several different styles to chose from from pouches to large gallons to cases) that will be shipped straight to the cause. Easy Peasy! Whats a few bucks to help? Remember Good Karma usually comes back to you 10 fold. Imagine if it were YOUR family or YOUR friends that this is happening to?


My Personal note to Nicole: Stay strong sweetie, You will get through this and it WILL make you stronger. I hope this horrible situation ends for you and your family soon. Know there are people out there in the world that is trying to get your word out the best we can! Believe in the Blogger Power!

To my fellow bloggers: Feel free to share this post! I can even send you the HTML so you can repost on YOUR blog! Lets help this Company and Nicole show the Detroit Water Company the true power of Blogging!

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