Anti-Bully Advocate Collin

Anti-Bully Advocate Collin

This young man is one amazing little boy! Readers and fans…..Meet Collin!


This is Collin. Look at his smile doesn’t it just make you want to smile too!! I took this pic from his Facebook page.

Back in March his mom created a Facebook page called  “Happy Birthday Collin” (now it is called Collins Friends) for her son who was about to turn 11. And because of Colin’s disabilities, social skills was not easy for him, he often acted out in school, and the other kids did not like him. So when his mom asked him if he wanted a party for his birthday, he said there wasn’t a point in having one  because he had no friends that would attend the party. He ate lunch alone in the office everyday because no one would let him sit with them, and rather than force someone to be unhappy because he had to sit with them (even when being bullied he still thought of others feelings..jesh i just wanna hug this young man), he sat alone in the office. So she created a page where people could send him positive thoughts and encouraging words, she said that would be better than any birthday party. Little did she know at the time how HUGE this would become and home much this would effect and change Collin’s life as well as the lives of his entire family! Collin is one character. I rather enjoy watching his videos and i find he has one great sence of humor and he makes me laugh out loud! He has been doing “ask Collin Videos” here is the last one:

Collins page was featured in newspapers and national TV shows. And because of this Collin reached over 2 million readers or as he says “FRIENDS” 2,172,262 to be exact!! Recently Collin and his Family were featured in a video of a young band by the name of Galvanized Souls. I want to share this video. It is an AWESOME video and it brought tears to my eyes even


I think it is amazing that this young man has went from one bullied young man who felt he had no friends and did not even want a birthday party to a name everyone knows featured in newspapers and national TV shows like The Good Morning Show and being such a great advocate for the Anti Bulling Campaign. Collin be proud of who you are and be even prouder of how you are standing up against those who bully others. I am proud to say that I am one of “Collins Friends”.

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