Ban Tshirt Review and Giveaway

Ban Tee Shirt Review and Giveaway
Ban Tshirt
My Review  (well ok MR. Da Freebies Review)
 What is Ban T-Shirts??
What Ban T-Shirts say about their products: “Political T-shirts with progressive messages. A thought-provoking range of political t-shirts and apparel. Shirts about the big issues: the environment, immigration, freedom, war and peace.”  All their t-shirts are made sweat shop free in the USA. Many are also made of organic cotton (my husband’s is). My husband really likes his tee shirt.
 Where can I find Ban T-Shirt’s information?
You can go get a shirt like my husband’s or one of their other many selections by going to Ban T-Shirt’s website.
Also make sure you Like them at Ban T-Shirts on Facebook
Also make sure you follow them on Ban T-Shirt’s on Twitter
 The Giveaway!! 

Kelsey H. is the winner