Bandelette Review and Giveaway

Bandelette Review and Giveaway

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I was given 3 different sizes of Bandelettes to try. Sizes C,D, and E. Here is what I think of this product:


Being a Weight Loss Surgery Person that will be 5 years out April 24th and having the excess skin on my thighs (I know soo Many of us has this issue) this product works wonders. Like I said in my video I wish it did not have the habit to roll but other then that it works great when I wear them not only do I NOT get the painful chaffing in between my legs (and man does that hurt) but I feel sexy all day!! And they have such a wide variety colors (im sure later on they will add more). I wonder if they could make the bands that hold them up with maybe double banded to keep the rolling down a bit?

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So like I said out of the 3 sizes the best size that fit me was the C. My daughter September tried the D and this is what she said:

“These are pretty cool. I get chaffed badly when I do a lot of walking and when I wear these I do not anymore THANK GOODNESS” September

My friend Latshya (also fellow Weight Loss Surgery Recipient who is 7 years our come April) tried the E and this is what she said:

Tasha and Bandelettes

Latashya in her Bandlettes

tasha n bandelettes

Latashya in her Bandelettes again


Here is what Latshya has to say about her expeirence about Bandelettes:

” I love love them cute comfy cool a lil big but still work!!! I need a dozen of these!!! Helps with rash chafing ! Alternative to thigh surgery ! Thank you so much for introducing me to this product!” Latashya

Im so lucky to be able to give away FIVE..yup you read that right readers FIVE pairs of Bandelettes away. So enter down below and make sure you pass it on to a friend for them to try and win a pair cause EVERY person who has the chaffing issue should REALLY get a pair or two of them!

1. Lynn Koon is a Winner!

2. Maggie Bennett is a Winner!

3. Sherry Bumgardner is a Winner!

4. Michelle Feliciano is a Winner!

5. Raquel Perez-Espinal is a Winner!