Bi-silque MasterVision 3-in-1 Planner Review

Bi-silque MasterVision 3-in-1 Planner Review

shoplet logoI tell you what, Shoplet is an AWESOME company with so many great products to chose from. I a sure that you can find a product that will make your home and/or office a ore organized place! Recently I received the Bi-silque MasterVision 3-in-1 Planner to review.


Bi-silque board

This thing comes in quite handy.  Lets take a look at my video:

It was very easy to put up on the wall. And even simpler to use and take care of. So after I put together the video, I thought of a different way to use this multi tasking board. Every month I prepare a dinner menu for the entire month. Usually I print it out, so this time I decided to go different and use this board to keep track of the days.



menu on bi-lisque



I think this will be the way I will end up using this board. I like having my menu right there in plain site and once a meal has been prepared, I can just simply erase that day. I recommend this product to anyone. If you are a teacher to keep more organized, A mom that home-schools her children, a student trying to keep track of classes and homework. Someone who has at home business. One thing is for sure this product will make everyone of you more organized! And after all who don’t need a little bit of organization in life? I know I do! Do you?


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Mahalo for reading and A hui hou [ah hoo-ee ho] which means until we meet again.

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