Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burpy Bibs and Washcloths

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burpy Bibs and Washcloths

*DISCLOSURE: I received a product for this review. My views are simply that of my own.

I recieved for review a 3 pack of Baby Burpy Bibs and Washcloths from Brooklyn Bamboo. I still find it amazing that Bamboo can be a hard table and at the same time can be used to make a super soft baby’s bib or even yet washcloths that is used to wash your baby’s soft little tushy.

These products are quality made. They seem to be made to last (and who doesn’t like that right!).

bamboo baby

bamboo baby

Sorry for the stock photo ..daughter already took the washcloths!

You can snap the burpy cloths around your baby.


(Look how soft that looks up close) And be fashionable! just look how pretty this is right down to the snap!!

bb4Or you can drape it over your own shoulders to had the softness while you have he/she on your shoulders burping.

baMBOO Baby

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby products are amazing! Cant wait til the newest and latest product in their line comes out?? well make sure you follow them on their social media sites to keep in touch!

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