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Hey guys! I think I am going to do a variety of written AND video reviews 🙂 So I know some of you have seen the previous posts but I figured with the newest graduating class of 2014 (Congrats to all those who walked the line this year WAY TO GO) I wanted to take a minute and let you guys know about this AWESOME site called This site as some MAJOR perks you guys, for example, you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices and as someone who has purchased books from the college I went to, they can get REALLY pricey! So why not save where you can right? So let me guess right now you are asking “well yea I can save on the books but wont the shipping going to cost me an arm and a leg?”

arm and a leg

NOPE just a hair strand..actually not even that you guys!! WHY? let me tell you why cause they offer FREE shipping and not just to you but they offer FREE shipping both ways! Yes you can even highlight in the textbooks(I always enjoyed when I got used textbooks and certain things were highlighted FOR ME lol). They also provide flexible renting periods so no stress on how long you get to keep the book (within reason of course I am sure they don’t want you to keep the book until your grandchildren are ready for college lol).

How does it work?:

Something I REALLY think is cool about this site is that with EVERY textbook that is rented they donate to Operation Smile

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For those who don’t know what operation Smile is they are an International Charity that helps provide effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery and medical therapies. So while you are getting your textbooks,getting them for cheaper then your classmates you are also helping a beautiful child in other countries smile better..what more could one textbook do for you??

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BUUUUT guess what I’m not yet done telling you all the good stuff!

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This company also has another site for you to try called RentBack for those books that your school wouldn’t buy back after you spent 100’s of dollars on them! Click HERE and see if YOUR books that the school would not buy back are eligible.