Helps Cheapen the Book Blow… Helps Cheapen the Book Blow…

*DISCLOSURE: This post is a paid post by HOWEVER the opinion is COMPLETELY mine*

Aloha College students new and old! I am excited to announce that I myself will be going back to school for Culinary Arts (yes I am very excited I have wanted to go back for a long time now) in August


The books that I will be using for my first semester will come up to a grand total of: $ 564.00! Talk about being crazy high but what if I told you that I know a place that I can purchase my textbooks for way cheaper than I can get at the college bookstore? I know a site called This site can save you 40-90% off of bookstore prices (that is a lot of savings right there…more money to eat something more than Hot Dogs). Campus Book Rentals has quite the selection waiting for you. They even offer FREE shipping and not just to you but they offer FREE shipping both ways! YEA free shipping who doesn’t love FREE shipping??) And even cooler, you can even highlight in the textbooks (woo hoo for less work we have to do when studying as it is already highlighted!). They also provide flexible renting periods so no stress on how long you get to keep the book (that could be really helpful for those who needs those books a little bit longer).
Something I REALLY think is cool about this site is that with EVERY textbook that is rented they donate to Operation Smile.



Operation Smile is an International Charity that helps provide effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery and medical therapies. So while you are getting your textbooks, getting them for cheaper than your classmates (for those with parents paying for your books I am sure they will thank you) you are also helping a beautiful child in other countries smile better. What more could one textbook do for you??

op smile

And there is even more:


This company also has another site for you to try called RentBack for those books that your school wouldn’t buy back after you spent 100’s of dollars on them (I HATE when I spend tons of money for a book and then after I am finished with it they won’t even buy it back)! Click HERE and see if YOUR books that the school would not buy back are eligible. I seriously think this site is AWESOME! And I love putting the word out there for you guys!