Caption Contest!!

Caption Contest!!

Aloha to all my readers out there! First let me introduce you to a great friend of mines fur babies.

(From  Right to Left : Nico, Jasper, Lily and Zoey)


My friend posted this photo just a little while ago and I thought lets have a little bit of fun today. With the permission of my friend I decided to have a contest. Here are the rules:

  1.  In the comment section below give me your best caption for this photo.
  2.  More then one answer is allowed. BUT must be in separate posts!!
  3.  In two weeks I will have my friend choose her top 10 favorites
  4. Then we will post those top 10 and you guys can vote on YOUR favorite
  5.  Make sure you check back in 2 weeks for the winners name to be posted.
  6.  Make sure you follow us on one of our social media sites (or even better ALL of them)
  7.  I will also post winners name on those avenues as well
  8.  and most important have fun!!


Winner will receive a special gift straight from Hawaii!!!


** DISCLAIMER: This contest is not affiliated in any way with any social media sites. This is strictly Kupana Wahines Corner’s contest. And we are solely responsible for the shipment of prize to the winner **