Cinderella Movie and My Thoughts

Cinderella Movie and My Thoughts



My beautiful 2 friends, Ashley and Shannon and I had a MUCH NEEDED ladies night together last night. We  went and seen the new Cinderella movie. How did we rate it? Was it wonderful and beautiful as Cinderella herself or was it ugly and awful as the step mother??

doterra sisters

Seeee did i not tell you they were beautiful!


We had a magical time. This movie was so beautifully made. I have seen MANY different versions of this classic fairytale and I must say this is one of my favorites!


If you are looking to have a mother/daughter night this is the PERFECT movie to take your little girl. Or like us if you want a ladies night this is a great movie to see.


The graphics was amazing, the sets of the movie was amazing. The ENTIRE movie had magic running through its clips!!



The chemistry between the cast was something that you could really feel! Whether it be hate or love, no matter which emotion it was, you felt it as you watch the movie. One of the most emotional parts of the movie was when the mother died (note if you are seeing this with someone who has lost their mother be prepared with tissues and a HUGE hug for them as this WILL stir up those emotions for them) One of the sweetest movie lines I have heard in a long time (and words one should live their life by) was in this movie


Which is something that I `try to live my life with and keep myself surrounded with others that feel the same way. One of the other things I enjoyed about this movie was the story behind the characters. The why things happened the way they did. While at the same time keeping it with the classic tail! Here are what my friends had to say about the movie:

“It was very moving, emotional, beautiful and liked it better than the cartoon. Be kind, Be Courageous… Ashley”

I really enjoyed the movie. I felt like the story line stayed true to the original story but with more detail. It was inspirational. They brought the story to life without being too cheesy. I loved the “be kind, have courage”! It
Was very sad though but great fairytale ending.
… Shannon”


Over all i would give this movie

5 stars