Come Visit Kapohokine Adventures

Come Visit Kapohokine Adventures

Planning to visit The Big Island of Hawaii? Or do you live here? Looking for a GREAT adventure. I have just the place to check out that will provide you that very thing! HOWEVER, Let me begin by telling you a story on how generous this company is!

My husband is dying of stage 4 Advanced Congestive Heart Failure. He was given 12-24 months to live. With now a possibility of Brain Cancer to be added into the equation. So, with that being said, I began the task of attempting to mark things off his bucket list NOW while he is able to enjoy it. Instead of waiting til he would not be able to enjoy it as much. ( You can see more details about this story as well as current raffles and fundraising HERE)

So with that being said, two of the items on his bucket list were to see the volcano and to go on a tour with this particular company. After being in contact with the owner of Kapohokine Adventures, he was extremely gracious and generous and donated their Evening Volcano Explorer Tour for both my husband and I.


My husband and I waiting to load the van to start the tour!

On their Evening Volcano Explorer Tour, You will visit Kalapana, a town that was destroyed  by the moving Lava a few years ago. And walk along the hardened lava.


During your walk you will see what looks like to me memorials for Kalapana

kalapana memorials kalapana memorials

Then you will keep walking to the newest Black Sand Beach here. YES, I DID say Black sand! And YES it is very beautiful!

black sand beach

This was our first time seeing Black sand even after living here for 10 years! See how cool it is?

Black Sand

After we were finished with visiting Kalapana and the black sand beach.  We were given ice cold drinks (they had soda, water and juice to choose from) and snacks (they had various kinds of chips and granola bars) to snack on while we headed on to our next destination.

Next stop was to The Volcano National Park.

Volcano National park

Then we headed over to the Volcano Winery for some wine tasting and dinner. I got to try 8 different wines (my husband does not drink) To see what wines I got to taste click HERE.

volcano winery

The winery is locally owned and operated. We got a chance to meet the owners who personally greeted us as we unloaded the tour van.  After the wine tasting we got to choose which one we would like to enjoy with our dinner. The dinner was AMAZING! We had corn, coleslaw (which was one of the best I have ever had and I only like the one from KFC), BBQ ribs that just fell off their bone, BBQ chicken and a pasta salad. During dinner we got to share and talk with the other tours who were also there for dinner.

After dinner we loaded back into the tour vans. And headed to the lava viewing center. We got lucky and Pele allowed us to view a bit of glow from the lava flow that is currently flowing now. We also got to go inside the visitors center and see some amazing things. My favorite was Pele’s Hair.

Then it was time to head back to town and go our separate ways.  We were lucky an had an amazing, kind and VERY knowledgeable tour guide Ashley. She is most assuredly in the right kind of job for her bubbly personality. Although we live here and we have lived here to 10 years, we learned some things that we did not even know. We were given a place to visit that we did not know about (the black sand beach)

Overall, the tour itself was absolutely fantastic and worth every penny to spend it costs. Kapohokine Adventures is a fantastic company. The employees are kind and VERY personable! I would recommend scheduling a tour with them. They have many kinds of tours to choose from. Including zip-lining tours! My husband would have loved to zip-line but due to his heart he was unable to do that one. I am positive that no matter which tour you chose you WILL have a GREAT time!

Kapohokine Adventures also has so much to offer you in showing you the best time ever! They were voted “Best Tours” by Princess Cruises.

When they say ” KapohoKine Adventures was born out of a desire to explore the natural beauty of Hawaii first-hand and then share this knowledge with our guests. Our Hawaii adventure tours and volcano tours truly provide a unique, exciting, and intimate experience that you will remember for years to come.” They were so right!

Many thanks to the entire Kapohokine Adventures team for not only allowing us to mark not one but TWO things of my husbands bucket list BUT also providing me with memories that I will keep close to my heart forever even after I no longer have my husband with me!

Interested in setting up a tour for yourself and making YOUR own memories? Here is how you can reach Kapohokine Adventures. Feel free to let them know you learned about them here!

(808) 964-1000

93 Banyan Drive

Hilo, HI