Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Review

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Review


I LOVE Crayola! When I was a little girl I used Crayola, as an adult woman I use Crayola. In fact when I feel stressed out I like to color. So when I need new crayons I ONLY buy Crayola! So when I got the opportunity to review for Crayola I was super excited because come on Crayola rocks! They have sooo many cool things out (waaay more then there was out when I was a little girl)

I got received to review a few different styles of their sidewalk chalk. And come one sidewalk chalk is fun for ALL ages. So my husband and I took out our 2 year old grandson for a little sidewalk drawing fun.


First we tried the Glitter Sidewalk Chalk.

Glitter Chalk

This can be purchased from their site for around $3.99. This was one of my favorites as It shimmered in the sun.


Which makes it unique from the rest of the Chalk family.

I also received the Neon Sidewalk Chalk.

neon chalk


This can be purchased on their site for $3.99. These was bright and energetic in color.



I also received the Multi Colored chalk.

multi color chalk





This also can be purchased for $3.99 on Crayola’s website. This chalk was fun. If you are a little girl and looooves to draw rainbows. You can! With this chalk you can draw a rainbow with one single swoop and still have 4 beautiful colors!!

mc swoop








And lastly I got from Crayola the regular Sidewalk Chalk.










This one can be purchase for $4.49. Like the others the chalk is shaped as a Crayon!





I think it made it way easier for grandson to draw with his small little hands. This was his first time using sidewalk chalk and he had a BLAST!

Check out some of Dante’s Sidewalk Chalk fun:

chalk chalk 20150619_120422





And STILL had more fun:






As you can see from the photos, My grandson gives this product 2 baby thumbs up!!! Also just in case you are wondering ..yes it indeed is easy to clean up!!