Curlformers Review

Curlformers Review

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I was extremly lucky to get to try out a set from Curlformers. I have straight blah hair and when I hot iron curls within an hour at best they fall out! and that is with tons of hairspray to attempt to hold them in! I LOVE curls so when I got this opportunity I was VERY excited!!

I got the  Spiral Curls Extra Long Styling Kit set to try. They are very easy to use!

Here is a video of me putting the Curlformers in


And taking them out to release some GORGEOUS curls is just as easy, if not easier to achieve:


They have several types of kits for different lengths of hair! So there is a Curlformer kit for EVERYONE! They are simple kits. There are the Curlformer Rollers and TWO wands to apply them with


My only main issue is that I do not part hair very well LOL! But other then problem. The first few times you try them you tend to put a tad to much hair in one roller but you always know when this happens because the Curlformer wont slide at all or very well.

Here are my end results with only having them in for TWO hours!! Keep in mind these were taken before styling. They were taken as soon as I removed the Curlformers out of my hair! Look how awesome those curls are!

curlformers curlformers curlformers

Now here is a photo of after I styled my hair a bit.


Needless to say I was VERY happy with the turnout! HOWEVER this is not what I was the happiest about! My curls lasted for TWO days!! This has NEVER happened with any other Curler.

Here is a photo I took after using a hot iron

hot iron curls

Same hair style. Different ways of curling. can you see the difference? And this was after having just finished hot ironing my hair too!

I am forever a Curlformers lover! I would recomend them to anyone and everyone! And moms they are super easy and gentle for little girls hair! Who wants all that hot styling to a young girls still healthy hair? With Curlformers there wont be any of that damage!

Although they come fromt he UK and there is a bit longer shipping wait I PROMISE you they are well worth the wait!

I can not wait to use mine again and again!!