Delta Children’s Lil Drive Walker Review

Delta Children’s Lil Drive Walker Review

*DISCLOSURE: I received this walker with the purpose of my honest review.

The opinions of this walker are my own opinions*

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I received from Delta Children one of the most AWESOME walkers that I have EVER seen for a baby. I got the Lil Drive Walker for my grandson Dante. So many items they have I REALLY like. Like the products from the movie Cars (I am working on his room and doing it in cars since he loves them so much!)

Lil Drive Walker


He has a REALLY big thing for cars or as he calls them “Go’s”

delta children lildrive walker

This walker was super easy to put together. I had it put together before husband even woke up from his nap!


lil drive walker before assembled

I had it put together in I would say probably 30 minutes or less. I think what took the longest was looking  over to read the instructions (yes I read those things..maybe that is why it took me so little time to put it together,  my husband soooo would NOT have read those). Instructions were easy to ready and that is a different than most instructions that I have seen, as most of the ones that come with items are very confusing !

lil drive walker lil drive walker side view

The steering wheel area pops right out and it turns into a snack tray. What I really like about this walker is that the steering wheels area has cool sounds and music and even a little review mirror. Here take a look at the video of my handsome grandson taking a ride in his new walker:

As you can tell from the video the car part easily lifts up and turns into a snack tray. And seems to be quite durable! Which comes in handy when you have a boy who is the typical rowdy little boy! The seat seems to be roomy and comfortable for him. So comfortable that, the other morning Dante was sitting in the walker in front of the television and I looked over and he had actually almost fallen asleep right then and there. Sitting there Drinking his bottle and driving his car.

baby in wlaker drinking and driving

Should I tell him that it is illegal to “drink and Drive”

Over all this walker has a GREAT design. Excellent sounds and lights. It is easy to use and most importantly to any parent or grandparent My grandson LOVES his new walker and will be ready to go joy riding as soon as he wakes up in the morning! So until then enjoy the rest of the pics we took of him “driving” his new car! The only thing I would change is maybe make it where the car wheels can move as well. And once my grandson no longer needs this, I can make it a bedroom decoration as his bedroom is done in Go’s AKA Cars! But for now he loves cruising and gets super mad when gramma takes him out! LOL

lil driver walker by delta children

Looking at the wheels

lil driver walker by delta children

Guna grab my Go’s and Go!

lil driver walker by delta children

On the Go with his Go’s

lil driver walker by delta children

Wonder if I can get it out there?

lil driver walker by delta children

Making me some SOUNDS!

lil driver walker by delta children

got my go’s!

lil driver walker by delta children

Im gunna see how close that dinner is to me!


This Walker would make a GREAT Christmas gift for that special little one that is getting ready to learn to walk or to stubborn to walk (like my grandson) for Christmas this year. in your life. And the cool thing about this item is that it could be for a Boy OR a girl!!