DIY Halloween Picture Frames

DIY Halloween Picture Frames


I found this idea on Pinterest but made it my own style. I made 2 frames. One for grandson’s Halloween 2013 (It was his first trick or treat) and one for this years Halloween picture.

First you buy your supplies needed:

Craft Picture Frame (I got the wooden ones from Walmart for a little over a $1.00)

Paints (I thought I had a green in reg paints so I used washable mixed with worked OK next time ill wait and get reg green paint and I used black. Any Halloween color will work for this it is your personal choice)

Halloween stickers (I used leftover googly eye stickers from Easter LOL hey it works!)

Googly Eyes

Foam Letters (You can use wooden as well I just found foam was a lot easier)

Photo of Choice

First Paint your Picture Frames

painted frame

Then after paint is dry. You can add your choice of decorations. This is where you let your creative juices fly away with you. I did and I didn’t even know I had some lol! Here are the frames finished. One with photo and the other one is with a temp photo since it isn’t Halloween time just yet!

Halloween photo frame

Dragon Boy Dante 2013


Ready to treat us with 2014 photo now!

Ready to treat us with 2014 photo now!


This project is SUPER SIMPLE to do! Might also be a fun craft to do with the kids by having them decorate their own Halloween themed frame for their photos this year! I am thinking about doing frames with a Christmas theme now!

Share your photos with me as well so that I can how creative YOU got too!

Mahalo for reading! 🙂 Aloha ‘oe, a hui hou