DIY Holiday Blocks

DIY Holiday Blocks

Are you looking for a super simple quick holiday decor craft to use in your home or give as a gift? Well, I got one for you! For me this project was completely free – if you don’t have these materials already at home then you might have to go buy them but it still won’t cost you very much.
I made these cute scrap pieces of wood from building our deck and turned them into adorable holiday decor.

I used the following materials:

1. 3 pieces of 2X4 blocks of wood various heights

2. Tempera paints
For the harvest side:
• Orange,
• green,
• brown,
• black
For Christmas side:
• Red,
• black
• white,
• green
or whatever color that you want to use for your presents.

You can also use ribbon to embellish the blocks a little more. I personally think the ribbon adds a bit more finesse to the blocks. What do you think?

I started with sanding the wood a bit so that I would not get a splinter! All you have to do is just sand the cut sides down smooth and a light sanding all over the blocks.

Then I painted the blocks the colors I wanted to – harvest/Halloween on one side and flip the board over after it is dry and paint the other side Christmas-y with a Santa and presents!! These are my kids’ favorite holiday décor to put out every year!!

For Halloween we show the blocks on the side where each side is a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern.

Harvest DIY Block

For Christmas we simply turn the blocks to the other side to reveal Santa and his presents neatly wrapped up, even a snowman!

xmas diy blocks

The blocks are great since you can put them out in the fall and leave them out through the holiday season until after Christmas! I love decorations that I can keep out for extended periods! Putting decorations out and then putting them back in a box a week later is not always fun.

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