DIY North Pole

DIY North Pole

Last year I was scrolling through Pinterest for DIY decoration Ideas when I stumbled upon a few (all of which I will be posting here) that I REALLY wanted to do. Time got away from me and I never got that chance…until this year…


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The first one was so cool I thought. So here it is A DIY North Pole.  Here are the items that you will need to start with.

  • Solar path light (I found mine at Walmart for 1.98)
  • Foam circle (Walmart for 3.49)
  • Fake snow (Walmart 4.50)
  • Popsicle sticks (I did not use this one for mine)
  • Chain necklace (I did not use this one for mine)
  • Paper shapes (had the perfect shape in my craft box)
  • Paint (had on hand)
  • Glue (on hand)

north pole diy

Start by covering a round foam base with white paint cause I noticed the snow falls off and might have gaps.


Then glue on the fake snow.  I used loose snow, but you could also use the sheets of felt-like “snow” for Christmas villages or use a cheap tree skirt.  Or I came up with the idea I could have used snow in the can. It probably would have looked more realistic this way and way less messy..If I can find the snow (our Walmart was out) I probably will do another one with this for comparison.

While you’re waiting for the glue on your snow to dry, take two sign-shaped pieces of paper and write “North Pole” on each one. If you go with the original idea you would hot glue it on a chain then on the popcycle sticks but I just glued it directly on to the solar lights and it worked out just fine.

Take the bottom end of the path light and press it into the snow-covered foam base.  You can add a little bit of glue to make sure it stays firmly in place that is what I did.

I took foam Christmas stickers and put them together with a toothpick in between and pushed them into the foam circle. I also took one of my Christmas town figurines and put them onto the “Snow” and this was my end result


If you want to see the original post I got the idea from click HERE. Otherwise. Enjoy and hope it works out for you. Keep watch as I might add at the bottom here if I am able to do another one with Canned snow instead.