Fanny Foozle Giveaway

Fanny Foozle Giveaway

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If you are a parent of a preschooler and haven’t heard of Fanny Foozle you are missing out! Fanny Foozle apps are geared toward children between the ages of three and six. There are three different apps based around Fanny Foozle Fanny Foozle fun, Fanny Foozle Pop, and the Fanny Foozle eBook available on iTunes! Fanny Foozle lives in the town of Flamboozle with her parents, her dog Foodle Dog Sam, and her best friends Fenelope and Dumple! Her adventures in Flamboozle help kids prepare for daily challenges while promoting physical activity through bouncing, hopping, and dancing! These apps are perfect for any parent of a preschooler!

You can download the eBook, the Fanny Foozle fun app, and the Fanny Foozle Pop game for free in the iTunes store. The eBook is also available in the Android and Kindle store

To download for iTunes visit the links below!
Download the Fanny Foozle eBook HERE!
Download the Fanny Foozle Fun app HERE!
Download the Fanny Foozle Pop app HERE!
To download the eBook for Google Play visit HERE!
To download the eBook for Kindle visit HERE!
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Fanny Foozle Book!
“OMG this show is ADORABLE! My grandson would love this. I will be hooking up the laptop to the TV and playing it for him. He LOVES anything that has a lot of music in it…Good Luck Everyone…Kupana Wahines Corner
Visit Fanny Foozle’s Website HERE!
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