Freebies 4 My Family Moonjar Giveaway


So I love teaching my girls about money, even though they are young still.
You can never know to much, with the way the world is going!
So what makes this bank so great?
It has a spot for saving, sharing, & spending.
It also comes with a little deposit Moonjar Passbook!
which is fab!
I take my change daily and have it in a bag and at the end of the day my daughter’s and I play the pick up game if they help pick up all their toys then they get to add the money to their Moonjar!
They love it!
The second item I got was the Conversations to Go!
This is great for ages 10 and up I would say!
The questions really make you think them out!
I learned things about my husband that I did not even know and this month is our 5 year anniversary!
So huge plus in my book!

So get to thinking, sharing, and talking with your friends and family!

“I would love to get one of these for each one of my grandkids! Da Freebies”

The Moonjar retails for $25
Conversations on the Go retail for $16!

Find them online!
Enter to win a Moonjar for your little ones!