Freebies 4 My Family Smarter Gloves an Furnature Touch up Kit Giveaway

Smarter Glove
Master Manufacturing Company Inc. Microfiber SMARTer Dual Action Gloves!
We all know gloves are made to keep our hands warm in the cold!
I know one of my biggest pet peeves is having gloves on and then my touch screen cell starts to ring and by the time I get the glove off and grab my phone I missed the call!
Why do I have to take off the gloves?
Well until now, I have NEVER been able to find a glove that works with my touch screen devices!
With Microfiber SMARTer Dual Action Gloves I now use one or all five fingers with my touch screens!
Also I can use the palm of my glove to clean the screen without it scratching it!
So am I a fan, you bet I am!
The gloves are also washable and reusable!
So will fall & winter here this is the best gloves on the market for those who want to keep their hands warm and still text!
Also a great gift for someone this winter!”If I had cold weather here in Hawaii I would soooo  use this…Da freebies”

Find them online!
Win SMARTer Gloves and your own Furniture touch up kit!

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