Friends Without Children..Do We Consider Their feelings?

Friends Without Children..Do We Consider Their feelings?



The topic I want to write about is “Childless Friends”. I am sure we all have at least one friend who does not have children.  Whether that be choice or not. But do we really think about them? Think about and consider THEIR feelings? I mean if you are blessed with the joy and beauty of being pregnant,  have some consideration for your friends who try and try but it just does not happen for them.


DON’T complain about your pregnancy for example

  • “I am getting so fat, i cant wait to lose all this weight
  • “I am so tired of being sick all the time!”
  • “I am getting so big”
  • “I cant wait til this pregnancy is over already”


and i would think that the worse one for our friends would be

  • “I am so tired of being pregnant”


I mean helloooo there are people out there that would KILL to be able to be pregnant!! All though we may not be meaning to hurt their feelings when making these comments or posts (social media is the worse on this) but at the same time why cant we take a minute and think about the feelings of those around us that it just has not happened for YET!  And also remember this when planning events (yes even children’s parties or baby showers) these friends still want to be included in these events, don’t just not invite them because they don’t have children. Maybe they want to be included as well as your other friends!


To all the couples out there reading this..some of DO think about our comments and actions for our friends!! Keep hope..Keep faith..and most of all ALWAYS stay positive!