Frozen Bean Giveaway

Frozen Bean Giveaway

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I can not go a day with out coffee. Hot or cold I need my fix! My husband and children know to avoid me till I am half way done with my first cup! Anyone else like this?

 What do you need to make a good iced coffee? I used my blender, a measuring spoon. Then I made a cup of coffee, 1 and half cups of ice, 1 cup milk and Frozen Bean mix!
 First add your ice, coffee and then your milk and Frozen Bean mix! Then blend until perfection! Frozen Bean offers many flavors I picked the Chocolate base, I am an addict of that too. I could not pass up the chance on having coffee and chocolate together!
“I am not a coffee Drinker..well I can be if it is made up to be something like a Caramel Ribbon Crunch lol HOWEVER my husband IS a coffee drinker so this would be something right up his alley for sure..Kupana Wahines Corner”

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