G.H. Cretors Popcorn Review and Giveaway

G.H. Cretors Popcorn Review and Giveaway

*DISCLOSURE: I received a sample box for my review. My opinion is just that and may be different from yours.

GH Creators popcorn


I received a box of various flavors of G.H. Cretors Popcorn. I got the following flavors:

First right out of the box my family tried the Just The Cheese Corn

gh creators just the cheese corn


This flavor was oh so very very good. It was very cheesy and in this house the cheesier the better as we are a family of cheese lovers!  the popcorn was light and airy as well as cheesy. It was one of the best cheese popcorn’s I have ever had! But then I would not expect anything less from a popcorn that has REAL cheddar cheese melted on it. Even my dog Jezzibell and my kitten Slash liked it as I had no choice but to throw some kernels their way. I mean how could you tell these spoiled brats no? I cant do it lol.

my furbabies

Jezzibell and Slash

Next we tried the Just the Caramel Corn

Just the caramel corn

If I personally had to choose any flavor of popcorn caramel would be my number 1 choice! This popcorn was yet again a huge winner. These bags lasted maybe an hour. Honestly the only thing that I found wrong with this flavor is that the bag was smaller then the other two. And the fact my son stole one of the bags from me and ate it all! What was so amazing about this is my son is NOT a huge caramel eater and prefers the cheesy popcorn to the caramel popcorn BUT not in this case. So sadly I had no choice not to share lol. But secretly I just wanted to be an evil mom and run and hide my precious kernels but nooooooo I have to be miss nicey nice mommy. LOL. Maybe what makes this one so delicious is that G.H. Cretors makes this popcorn just like their grandfather did by making one batch at a time in old-fashioned copper kettles, They do it the down home not huge factory kinda style. They put one ingredient you cant find in most popcorn’s..LOVE and Family traditions! OK well that was two. For me i think it makes a world of difference in how a product tastes!

So finally we tried the Chicago Mix Flavor:

chicago mix

This for me was the best of both worlds all combined in one precious bag! I kept going from cheesy to caramel the vice a versa while even at times popping one of each into my mouth making my taste-buds dance with joy! Giving them the perfect blend of sweet and salty. So knowing tat I could very well lose one of the bags of this caramel gold to my son who previously stole my loot. I learned from my previous mistake I HID my other bag bahahahaha! I basked in its tasty gloryness all by myself and enjoyed every minute of it too.

Where can you find this awesome popcorn in your area? Click HERE to locate them in your area. Sadly There are no store here that carry this delicious popcorn so I am just going to have to order mine off line!

Want to try some of this for yourselves (not that I blame you on that one) Then guess what readers? I have a giveaway of one Sampler pack of GH Creators popcorn. Just enter below for your chance.


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