Going Back To School….

Going Back To School….

So as some of you know I decided to go back to school.


I have been wanting to do this for a VERY long time now. I chose a major that for several years is something that I have had a passion for. I chose to Major in Culinary Arts.

culinart arts

I also plan to take a few Social Media Marketing classes as well. If plans go right I will be starting Fall quarter in August. Yes I know it is a weird time to start a fall quarter but schools start earlier in the year over here. I am super excited to be standing there waiting to get on the bus (lol yes I know kind of like back in the day waiting for the school bus) wearing my crisp white chefs uniform and carrying my books in one hand and my cutting knives in the other heading my way to school!

I WILL make my way through to graduation this time no matter what! I seriously hope I can get all the requirements in before cutoff time to start August 25th. If not then I have to wait until January I believe for the Spring quarter. But I seriously hope I don’t have to wait as I probably would explode into a million pieces waiting impatiently for the new quarter to begin!


Short poll….If YOU could go back to school Would you? If so…What would you chose to go back for? why? Comment Below! I would love to know.