Hi I’m Skinny Sticks Review and Giveaway

Hi I’m Skinny Sticks Review and Giveaway

Skinny sticks

*DISCLAIMER: I received this product to review. I was not compensated with anything

other then the product for me to try and give my opinion. My opinions are my own.*

I got to review this DELICIOUS snack called I’m Skinny Sticks. They were a huge hit here in my household. As a weight loss surgery recipient (5 years ago) I like finding products that are not only delicious in taste but healthier as well. Healthier has been important in my household for a while now. Not only for me but for my husband who was diagnosed with Congestive heart Failure 3 years ago coming up next week. So I am usually trying to watch the snacks that come in the house.

I really liked these cause they take care of those “chip munchies” or the “crunch munchies” For myself I have to watch more the sugar intake and for my husband the Sodium (OK well all of this for both of us but shh lol) So I was pleasantly surprised at the nutritional values of Skinny Sticks.

skinny sticks nutritional value

The Skinny stick that was the biggest hit that we all liked (it was all over our favorites even my 16 month old grandson) was the Multi Grain Sweet Onion.

Multi Grain Sweet onion skinny stickI don’t think it really tasted “oniony” but it had the perfect level of sweetness. When I got the package it was the first bag I opened to try. I popped it open then popped one into my mouth and was like OMG this is gooooooood! So I took some into my husband and he said “wooow that pretty darn good honey” i then head to my sons room, knock on the door said here try these. He loves onion so he grabbed a handful..eyeballs went to back of his head and needless to say I lost the bag to my 18 year old son. I ended up having to go open the other bag. I handed one to my grandson and he takes a bite and say mmmmmmmmmmm. So this was diffidently a winner!

Then we tried the Sweet Potato.

sweet potato skinny sticks

Not as sweet as the first one. but still very good. I can taste sweet potato in this one. grandson liked this one too.  Could not get my guys to try this one lol! Guess the words “sweet Potato” got them.

Finally we tried the Veggie Tortilla.

veggie tortilla skinny sticks

I would say this one had the least amount of flavoring. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t taste bad at all. Just not as much flavor kicking your taste buds. This went GREAT with a local dip that I got at the farmers market.

Overall, Skinny sticks are a AWESOME thing to have in your cabinet to give you family as snacks! To find a location that sells them in your area click HERE.  Here is a chance for you try them,  Enter to win below.

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OK time to watch my shows and munch me some Skinny Sticks! Good Luck to you all!