Hilo Macy’s Lancome Counter Review

Hilo Macy’s Lancome Counter Review

I Have to tell you that the two girls at the Lancome counter in Macy’s here in Hilo Hawaii are VERY talented!!  They put a whole new spin on Lancome Cosmetics! I am sure some of you will agree with me when I say that Lancome is somewhat considered “old lady” cosmetics. While MAC is for the hip and younger crowds. Am I right??? Well…NOT with these two ladies.  I have NEVER felt so glamour-istic than I did today! I love my look so much that I DO NOT want to wipe it off (and I wont). I hope it remains there even through tomorrow! If you are in the area stop in Macy’s Lancome counter and get with Sharice or Kaylynn. Let me show you what they did!

Kaylynn gave me this look:

kaylynn rocks

This was taken right after she was finished!


And even after a few hours I still was looking good!

Kaylynn is awesome

This was a few hours later while here at home!

yea kaylynn

Feeling hot hot hot

Now if I can find someone to cut my hair the way I WANT it to be cut I will be golden!


YES ladies and Gentleman this gray is NATURAL!!

Kaylynn also did this look on my sons girlfriend a few days ago (my son the hopeless romantic set it up for her makeovers):


And her partner in crime is just as talented as well….Here is the look Sharice gave my sons girlfriend

sharice rocks too

Look Sharice gave my sons girlfriend

Stay tuned for more looks as I will be going back in with my daughter for a mothers day beauty day!  I am excited to see what look they give to her! If you are local and you are interested in achieving the fabulous look..Stop in Macys and ask for either Sharice or Kaylynn and tell them you seen this post!