About Me

Dawn from Kupana Wahines corner

Aloha and let me welcome you to Kupana Wahines Corner. We are located in beautiful sunny Hawaii. The big Island to be exact. Where I have lived for the past 9 years. Originally I am from Dayton, Ohio but have no desire to ever see snow again. I enjoy my sunny breezy days and the most beautiful rainbows one can ever seen in their lifetimes! Kupana Wahine means “Grandmothers Corner” in Hawaiian. I am married to a wonderful man and a mom and grandmother (hence the blog name). oh and also a VERY spoiled 6 yr old puppy daughter Jezzibell and 2 equally spoiled cats named Ming and Slash (yes he has long black hair, yes he his named from guns-N-Roses Slash but NO I did not name him my husband did)

I am a Culinary arts Student at University Of Hawaii, Hilo. I am studying to become a personal chef. And thinking about when I finish continuing to attend school for a Hospitality and Tourism degree as well. I am proof you are NEVER to old to continue your education. I love blogging and doing product reviews. For me I find it and exciting job! And I ALWAYS put 100% into my reviews and will ALWAYS be honest on what I think about the products and the business’s that I am reviewing.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to come back real soon as I usually have tons of giveaways to offer you!




Me heading to Kona HI but had to get my frap on first