Jackpot Candles Review and Giveaway

Jackpot Candles Review and Giveaway


jackpot giveaway

I was extremely excited to do this review. I have wanted a jewelry surprise candle forever! Jackpot Candles provided that for me. It was so much fun! I chose the Sweet Pea candle HOWEVER I have to admit that choosing the scent was super hard for me. They have so many different scents that sound so wonderful! A name of a few are: Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake and Buttery Popcorn and that is just a name of a few of them.


There are even a few tips on making sure you get the best out of your candle! You are bound to find your favorite scent! As if choosing your scent was not hard enough, they also give you a chance to choose what type of candle you want. They have candles and Tarts to choose from. OH but your decision making is not yet over..Now you get to choose what type of jewelry that you want! You can choose from a Necklace, Earrings or a Ring.  No matter the option that you choose can be valued between $5.00 up to $5,000.00. This is the first company I have seen so far that gives you that many options! When my candle arrived (which was pretty quick shipping I might add) I pulled it out of the box and lit it. The first night I let it burn for six hours.


The following night I let the candle burn for four hours. Tonight I burned it for eight hours


So far my candle has had a burn time of eighteen hours and it is not even half way down yet! The candle so far has been burning pretty evenly. You know how sometimes you get those candles that the wick goes out and you still have half a candle to burn. Or as you burn the candle only burns down the middle leaving you with sides of wax. Jackpot Candles does not do any of that. I am all for a candle that burns even! That is not even the best part either! I have had so many candles smell so great with a strong scent until you reach half way (sometimes more and sometimes a little less) and the scent is either no longer noticeable or it is very faint. Jackpot candles so far has been as strong now with the latest burn as it was the day I lit it for the first time. Once again for me these are qualities I look for in a candle!

Now for the jewelry.  It was VERY much anticipated. The closer I got to the jewelry the more excited I got. It took sixteen hours of burn to get to the jewels! Then finally I noticed a little glimmer of gold!

jp gold

Oh man how exciting was this.  And here it is!



Pink! It was like Jackpot Candles made this just for me! I LOVE my pink!

Now it was time to reveal my rings appraisal. So I decided to do this together with my readers

Although I was not one of the lucky ones that found a $5,000 ring I was satisfied with a $15.00 value! The candle alone to me is worth more then that hence the beautiful ring was only an added bonus for me!


This entire experience has been positive and so much fun! In addition, I found myself a new hobby…collecting beautiful candles and its jewels!

I have super exciting news for you my beautiful readers! I get to give one away to one of you! Just enter below and



** Jackpot Candles are responsible for the shipment of prize not Kupana Wahines Corner or any of the wonderful bloggers helping in the promotion of this event **