Kopali Organics Chocolate Review/Giveaway

Kopali Organics Chocolate Review/Giveaway
Kopali Organics Chocolate

Here is what makes Kopali Chocolates so good, so special, and so important. They use extraordinary cacao from small sustainable farmers in Peru. And the packaging is right at the point-of-origin in Peru, to ensure the high quality of flavor, intense freshness, least transit/carbon footprint, and,      greatest possible positive impact, both social and environmental, while also directly supporting the farming communities. Which here in Hawaii we are very proud to do! They are receiving amazing feedback from chocolate-lovers everywhere! Kopali’s special blend is dark chocolate, roasted and crafted to be rich but not bitter, and to balance that richness with pure sweetness. For the sweetness in the chocolate, they use the “panela” form of cane juice, which is thick and brown  it is the completely unrefined molasses, with just the water removed, so it has all the minerals, fiber and vitamins of the sugarcane plant intact.  All this goodness for convenient grab-and-go  personal-size resealable bags.

Their most popular flavor is Chocolate Banana (I can see why it was my favorite) the soft, sweet, chewy banana inside Kopali’s chocolate offers almost a “caramel” and that banana center has no oils or sweeteners added, rather it is  simply pure, exceptional quality banana dried just right).
Kopali CacaoNibs
 The Chocolate Cacao Nibs are  small bits  (hence the meaning of the word “nibs”) of the pure 100% cacao bean, covered in Kopali’s special chocolate; “chocolate-covered chocolate”  how can you go      wrong with that?
Kopali Espresso
Chocolate Espresso Beans is another of Kopali’s 3 most popular flavors, with the intensely flavorful coffee grown on the same land (terrier) as the cacao, for extraordinary flavor harmony.  And BOY is is strong!
Whats GREAT is that you can feel good enjoying Kopali Chocolates knowing they are incredibly      pure, with no refined sugar, no oils, no dairy, no preservatives or additives and always 100% vegan and gluten-free.
Kopali Chocolates are certified Organic and Fair Trade!
If your local stores dont carry them you should look into asking if they could carry Kopali!


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Kopali gogi berries


Kopali mullberries
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