Lava Flow Heading My Way

Lava Flow Heading My Way

Aloha all my readers! So I am sure by now most, if not ALL of you have heard at some point or another that we have a Lava flow happening here in Pahoa. Kilauea Volcano has been erupting or like 30 years or so (don’t quote me on the years but I know its close give or take some and it has not disturbed any housing or anything like that since 2011. BUT now its here with a vengeance!! Let me start this post with a Pule for Puna Video:

What our Mayor Billy Kenoi has to say (this man is AWESOME mayor)



Take a look at the Lava update from yesterday (9/11/2014)


So I bet you are asking yourself…WOW Dawn how close is this to YOU? Well let me take a map that they used in the video above and mark where I live at on there so that you can see for yourself

lava flow and my home

YUP you are seeing that correctly. I personally don’t think Lava is gonna hit MY home per say. HOWEVER we have an electrical Grid in the middle of the projected path they discuss in video. And what is going to happen when that lava hits those wooden poles..BOOM POWERLESS yet again! And I don’t think this time we are going to get lucky with only a week no power or 2 weeks for the rest (they JUST got done getting power to the rest of the area) I think when this goes down we are going to be powerless for a VERY long time.

pahoa lava flow


Any Generator Makers/Sellers want to let me do a product review by chance? LOL! Wont get a better review then lava caused power outage! LOL!

Gonna need on of these soon!

Gonna need on of these soon!

It has been crazy lately. As most of you know we just had Hurricane Iselle hit our part of the Island (Pahoa/Puna) just a month ago this past 7th. And now this. Pele The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes most be angered! I am about ready to head over to the Volcano National Park and throw in a offering of Hibiscus Flowers and Rum to her maybe this will make her happy again enough to slow the lava down or at least move it to the safer parts of the island.

Pele offerings

We as a community will come together as a team just like we did with the Hurricane (since FEEMA said no to us) When the people of this Island face diversity we will rise to the challenge and work together as a unit so that we can each one get through matters at hand. This is the Aloha Spirit that I have grown to love and cherish! And keep our fingers crossed that our Quaint little town does not end up a whole new Hawaiian Island!

OK Guys I will try and keep you posted the best I can. Aloha and Remember:

Be kind to those around you.

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