L’Oreal Gold Rewards Program

L’Oreal Gold Rewards Program

Some of my readers requested this information a while back. So I thought I would make a quick post with it. I thought about it while looking at my snow topped head! lol!

I know you can only use 2 codes a month. And I also noticed that you can use a code only twice a year! But hey they have got many codes to choose from right.

After you enter 3 codes you can get a 3.00 of coupon HOWEVER if your are patient you can earn a free box after the 5th code! I am all for free!!

Register for the rewards program HERE

l'oreal gold reward

L’oreal Gold Reward

Here are some codes:


30gd00 – Sublime Mousse (Pure Light Blond Color #90)
12CN01 – Healthy Look Crème Gloss (I used the same code for 2 different colors)
Feria #36 HE192
Feria #56 12G600
Feria #67 12G400
Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401
Preference shade 5 12F900
Preference shade 5 HE288
Preference shade 5 12G502
Preference shade 5 12G606
Preference shade 5A 12G800
Preference shade 6 12H104
Preference shade 6 12F509
Sublime Mousse (20V): 30H204 , 30GN04, 30H102, 30H300
Root Rescue: 12G403, 12G4UU,
Superior Preference: 20V 12H401, 4A 12H401
Superior Preference: 4a 12H500
Feria: 25V 12G000
Healthy Look Crème Gloss Feria HE192 Feria 12G600
Feria Deep Burgendy Brown #36 25V 12J500