Mash Review and Giveaway

Mash low calorie sparkling fruit drink


 “Mash is refreshing low calorie sparkling fruit drink. MASH is truly a mash-up of everything that is good about soft drinks – drawing upon their best qualities to form a beverage unlike the others. MASH is NOT soda pop, water or juice. But MASH IS carbonated like soda, light and refreshing like water, with a natural fruit essence and 1-4% juice. When it comes to sweetness, MASH is also a hybrid. It is NOT loaded with calories and sugar like a regular soft drink, nor does it have the artificial aftertaste and compromised flavor of a true diet beverage. At 25-40 calories per serving, MASH delivers optimal flavor without the guilt of all those calories. Finally, MASH is the flavor playground where our mixologists do their magic, mashing up two distinct flavors, some you might not even think belong in a beverage, to create a taste sensation that is fresh, new and more interesting than those who have come before.”
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The Refreshing people over at Mash is hosting a giveaway for us! One lucky reader of my blog will recieve A Variety 4 pack, 1 of each flavor will be given away. This Giveaway will run from now ending on March 26th at 11:59 PM Hawaii Time!

kari a. is the winner