Merlot Skin Care Review/Giveaway

This Review is done is several parts.

MERLOT Review Part 1
MERLOT Review Part 2

MERLOT Review Part 3

MERLOT Review Part 4 (Night Cream)



Merlot Skin CareI am a fan of this skin care set! I am not a skin care person normally. However I will be using this set every night! Make sure you go check out Merlot Skin Care  today and order this great skin care set. Also if you order Nov. 23-26 on orders of $50 Merlot will be giving away a free Bath/Shower Gel and will give you free shipping on orders of $25 or more! Who doesn’t LOVE free shipping?

Also check out  Merlot”s Blog  You can also find Merlot on Twitter and Merlot on Facebook

DON’T forget to stop back by tomorrow to check and see how the night cream went!! I will post my review of it tomorrow!

Natasha D. is the winner!