Mobi PCS Review

Mobi PCS Review

The people over at Mobi Pcs are WONDERFUL!

Mobi PCS

I could not even begin to rave about them enough! Their customer service is awesome.  So let me tell you my cellphone decided to stop charging. I did NOT have the money to replace it with the deductible that day So they gave me a loaner phone which was a great relief to me as my husband has a bad heart and I DON’T like being in town and leave him along unless I have a phone in hand!

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Then the other day I went in to purchase a new one with my deductible and the insurance company DENIED my claim. After I got off the phone with them I was sooo VERY angry! I explained that I was applying for the exchange  due to the fact the phone stopped charging told them it started on the 25th. Then she inquired about if there was anything else wrong with it I wanted to make sure that I was honest. And explained how it  was not connecting to computer as a extra hard drive as well as connecting to the WIFI. I was asked what date did this start I said Feb or March and she asked which one so I say Feb (once again trying to be fair) she told me what exact date so i said the 17th. Then it went thru and I was told I was denied cause it had to be within 60 days. I mean the lady knew she was tricking me into saying a different day. I went back to Mobi to see what they can do for me and the customer service rep Tiana was such a HUGE help. She got with her supervisors that got with the insurance’s supervisors and with all that my claim was finally approved! I just want to thank Tiana for the  help and the awesome customer service that she gave me thru all this. THIS is what excellent customer service is all about.

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Mobi PCS!

Perfect example! Tiana went out f her way to try and help me! And I am very thankful! She even called me everyday to let me know what was going on.  So if you are trying to find a new service. I recommend Mobi PCS!!!