My Grandma Bridges Homemade Veggie Soup Recipe

My Grandma Bridges Homemade Veggie Soup Recipe

OK readers I am going to share a recipe with you that is VERY VERY close to my heart! It is my Grandma Bridges (My paternal grandmother) recipe for homemade Vegetable Soup.


grandma bridges

Meet my Grandma Bridges..Her name was Martha

Now she made this often as my dad was growing up and my parents made it for us as we were growing up. Now I am making it for my family. I personally LOVE this soup as do everyone else in my family. And not just because it came from my grandmother but because it really is delicious and healthy! It makes quite a bit on a good budget!  So enjoy and please let me know what you think of the soup!

Grandma Bridges Home Made Veggie Soup

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Look at all that deliciousness!


1 bottle of V8 Juice (a generic Tomato Juice can also be used)

several Potatoes

1 can Peas (can also use Frozen)

1 can Corn (can also use Frozen)

1 can Green Beans (can also use Frozen)

1 Large can  Mushrooms

1 Bag Baby Carrots

A Dash or oregano or Italian Season

Pinch of Pepper

I family size bag of Stew Meat (can also Substitute for ground beef or ground turkey)


Brown meat

Peel and chop potatoes

Chop Baby Carrots if like smaller bites (or can be also used as a hole)

Pour ALL ingredients into crock-pot  and let it cook all day long. (You can also cook on the stove but I prefer it in crockpot) on a low to  medium setting.

NOTE: You DON’T have to drain the juices from the cans of veggies just pour it all into the Crock-pot.

Soup in finished when potatoes are soft.

dish up and enjoy!

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The soup actually tastes even better when warmed up! So the more you eat this sup the better it tastes!