Nicole’s Nails…..How do they rate??

Nicole’s Nails…..How do they rate??

Aloha Lovely Readers! Want to go out and have a day of beauty? Maybe go get a Pedicure to sooth the feets? Or maybe you want to go get yourself a set of acrylic nails? Well then go get them BUT first let me stop you from making the same HORRIBLE mistake that I did by telling you NOT to go do it at Nicole’s Nails located in Prince Kuhio Shopping Plaza.


My first experience with them was a few months ago when y beautiful friend surprised me with going to get a pedicre together. Now bare in mind she purchased the best pedicure they have to offer. This includes the foot soak, the hot towel the polish of nails the whole 9 yards of glorious feet beauty (yes I am super lucky to have such a wonderful friend but thats for a later post) I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say this whole super pedicure lasted MAYBE at best 1 minutes. when we left we both we like ooook umm talk about being rushed out. I who hardly ever get pedicures even thought that! At the moment we both decided to not ever go back and we ended up finding another place to go to for our ladies pedicure day. So this brings me to last week and the reason for the post. I was in a time crunch to get what I needed finished so that I could get back to the hospital to be with my husband. And I needed a fill before my nails all popped off so I decided to save some time I would just go ahead and go back to Nicole’s I mean after all I was only getting a fill. And this even went fine. No issues (well with the exception that when she was doing my fill a nail broke cause of her and I still got charged for a nail fix), The lady was polite and talkative (even though pushy for other services but then this is normal).

kupana wahines corner nails

Now forward ahead to over the previous weekend when I was closing my dryer door (flat handed at that) and a nail breaks off on my left hand. I was very much irked but figured OK this sucks I will just have to tolerate it til I get a fill. Then that SAME day I am scratching my arm when another nail breaks on my right hand!

nicoles nails

At this point I am now exasperated cause come on TWO nails on different hands in one day?? REALLY??  So I get on the phone and call the salon. when they answer I ask to speak to the manager and was told she was not there. I ask when will she be in so that I may call back I was asked “who is this” I responded with “A customer with a complaint” and then proceeded to explain to “Mary” the person on the phone what had happened. She said to just come in and they will fix it (which is all I wanted anyways) and I told her I wouldn’t be able to come in til Monday and she said no problem that was fine. This conversation was polite and friendly and professional. So when Monday shows up I go in and tell them what Mary had said and it was who I was talking to ALSO was the person who originally did my fill. So we sit down and the lady proceeds to start YELLING at me..I was taken back. I was like why are you yelling at me when I have spoken  to you nothing but professional and respectfully. She kept yelling about something about how they just did a fill and not a full set. I was confused. I then asked so are you telling me a fill should only last less then a week. She says ohh no no no no then proceeds to  continue to yell the same thing. Calmly I look at her and say “you do realize I do local business reviews on my website correct (we had spoken about it during my fill” she just kept yelling this time saying this not my fault this your fault, And then goes back to the whole we only did a fill thing. I said look all I want is for these 2 nails to be fixed I called and asked to speak to a manager remember. She says Oh you like speak to manager..I call her..I was like I just want my nails fixed. She still started to call her. At this point I was like ok yea call her. So she calls her. Speaks to her in their langage then says ok bye and angs up. I was like ok I thought I was going to speak to your manager. Her response “she was to busy” REALLY as a person who had been in retail management for many years you should NEVER be to busy to speak to a customer who has an issue with your business!!!! So she continues to “fix” my nails. During this time she finally stops yelling at me but is yanking pulling and twisting my hands. She does a CRAPPY job at fixing the nails.

nicoles nails

Right Nail



Left Nail


She didn’t trim them enough so they are longer then the others, she didn’t file the one on right hand enough. Then when she was done she didn’t bring out the light to put my hand under for polish to dry (they only have the portable ones) and walks away to the other worker and starts to talk about me in their language. I know this cause he kept looking over at me. Now I would understand if they were super busy and she had to take time to do this BUT lady I am so sorry I interrupted your video watching on the Ipad moment. Cause that’s what she was doing when I came in and not one single person was in there and didn’t walk in during the entire time I was there! So beware of Nicole’s nails..NEVER will they get money from me! HORRIBLE service! Nobody should be treated like I was during this. I give 5 thumbs down!! They ONLY thing they did right was fix my nail even though it was a crappy job!