Oils for the Sunburn

Oils for the Sunburn

So it is summertime. Summertime means fun in the sun. Fun in the sun means mean sunburns! Sunburns means pain and suffering! So let me help you out and say…I have an oil for that! In fact I have a few oils for that. Unlike most oils and other over the counter items for sunburn Doterra is 100% ALL natural! And even better totaly safe for children of all ages so we can keep our babies safe from the sun!

sunburn help

Here is a little bit about each oil. And not only can you use these oils for sunburn but each oil has multiple uses!!!



This is one of my favorite oils so it is no surprise that this is also used for sunburns. This one is a great one to relax and sleep. And oh so many other uses.


MELALEUCA Melaleuca_lg

melalucaI usually use this one for my nails after I give them a few month break from acrylic nails. This helps them become healthier.



This is one that I have no yet gotten to try yet..soon my oil beauty..soon

There is a way to NOT get a sunburn while in the sun and that is applying sunscreen. BUT those sunscreens are full of chemicals..right..well yup you guessed it I have an oil for that too




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