Our Furry Friends And Their Impact On Our Lives

Our Furry Friends And Their Impact On Our Lives

Nobody can argue the fact that when you have a furry friend come into your life, they bring the ultimate love. With this being said, that friend does not necessarily have to be YOURS! They can also belong to someone who is close to you. This week I lost two of my furry friends. Neither one belonged to my family personally. HOWEVER, both of them took a special place in my family’s hearts. BOTH lost battles to Cancer. Each one gave something to me personally. First there was Tucker.


Photo taken from Tucker’s Facebook Page.

Tucker was the chief Canine Therapy dog at Kapiolani Womens and Childrens Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was amazing, kind, lovable and even silly at times. Tucker was AND still is loved by so many patients, former patients and even their families. He spent most of his day doing rounds with the hospital staff and with his mom Dr. Wendi Hirsch. He LOVED his job. He was REALLY good at his job as well. Tucker gave my family so much comfort when our son Zak almost died four years ago. Zak had to be rushed into emergency surgery after what they thought at the time was a hole in his intestines. Upon being opened up, the surgeons discovered that Zak’s appendix had ruptured. Even after he was fixed up, he was still a VERY sick young man.  Had we waited one more day to bring him in, he would have died that day. So he was airlifted from Hilo to Honolulu. While in the airplane, Zak was given a stuffed Tucker Doll. Zak had already had experience with Tucker in the past prior to this trip. When we were airlifted it was late night so Tucker and his mom was not there. The VERY next day, here comes Tucker and his mom Dr. Hirsch coming to visit us. Zak was there for a month and a half. EVERY day Monday thru Friday Tucker and his mom came and visited us. I can not even begin to tell you how much comfort his sloppy little Golden Retriever kisses provided to me during this time. He remained a comfort even after this incident.

And today there is Chance. The reason why I decided to write this post.


My husband Kelly and his buddy Chhance!

Oh my..where to even begin with this boy. He helped me overcome a fear that NO other dog has EVER been able to do for me! You see when I was the age of five, I was attacked by a Pit-bull. They almost had to amputate my left leg because of it. However, to make a long story short they sent in a specialist who stitched me up. Took 104 stitches on the inside and forty on the outside. Whenever I walked even in close vicinity of a Pit-bull I would stop breathing and freeze up. I would not even go into my own cousin’s house. Chance changed that for me. Boy did he ever change that for me. I bonded with him (and his brothers and sister). He gave me an new outlook on the entire breed. And Chance my buddy.. Auntie will forever remember deep in my heart what you have done for me. I will cherish the times I have spent with you.

While my heart is breaking from these two HUGE losses to my heart. I want to acknowledge the loss grinds even deeper to their families hearts. And I want Tuckers mom, Dr Hirsch and my best friends in the world Chance’s mom and dad Ashley and Cody that their furry babies made a difference in this life. They made a difference in mine!

I loved them both. I will always love them both. I love them just as much as I do my own furry babies Jezzibell, Ming and Slash!


Slash (Named by my husband. Given the name after GnR’s Slash)




Ming (named after a friend of my husbands in the Philippines)

So readers do me a favor.  After you read this, if you have your own furry baby or even if you have one close to your heart that belongs to someone else. Give them that one extra kiss. That one extra hug. That one extra spoken words of “I Love you”