Peeps Cake Recipe

Peeps Cake Recipe

I know its after Easter BUT I made this cake for Easter and I have never made it before HOWEVER I will plan to make this every year per the request of my family. It turned out cuter then I expected.


Peeps Cake

Peeps Cake


Peeps Cake



Here is the Recipe:


Box of your Favorite Cake Mix (I used White Cake Mix)

1 tub of Icing any flavor I used pink Vanilla. I would say what ever you chose make it a Easter Color

1 bag of Edible Easter Grass

1 bag of M&M Chocolate Eggs (You can really use anything with this Jelly beans, Malt eggs anything as long as shaped as eggs)

Peeps (I used 1 box of Large peeps and 1 box of yellow bunny’s)



  1. Make cake mix per directions on box
  2. Allow Cake to cool before frosting this keeps the cake from breaking and crumbling as much.
  3. After cooled add the Icing to the cake all over.
  4. I made 3 round cakes so I iced the bottom layer then added middle layer Iced that and then added top layer and iced that I made sure it was completely iced also make sure you ice the edges as well so that you peeps will stick
  5. add your peeps to the sides simply just stick them up to the icing. You can do as many or as less as you prefer. I liked the look of them going all around the cake
  6. top the top with the edible grass like a nest or simply like a grassy area I used 3/4 of the bag
  7. then top with the m&m eggs

Your cake is now Easter Ready. Easy dessert for any Easter gathering! And most of all it is ADORABLE and delicious!