Punkin Love More DIY Halloween Crafts

Punkin Love More DIY Halloween Crafts

So while I was on the hunt for Halloween decorations while at Target. I went to the dollar bin and I found this:


So I thought hmmm…I think I might be able to be crafty with this one so…in my cart it went and out the door we go. I went to my craft shelf and pulled down my jars of Foam letters.

foams letters

And Away went my creativeness. Finally once I was done I made this beautiful masterpeice

gramma punkins

Don’t you just LOVE it? The more I look at it the more I am impressed with it. I left some space on it so that when my daughter has her 2nd child (currently pregnant with him or her) then I will be able to add their name as well. Now I have to find something to do for Grampa as well.

So what do you guys think about it? I am so happy it turned out so well I can do the “Hot Dog” (Insert Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song here)

“Hot dog Hot Dog..Hot Diggity Dog”

hot dog