Red Bull May Owe YOU $$$$$!

Red Bull May Owe YOU $$$$$!

“Red Bull Gives You Wings” Remember hearing that line over and over? Remember how it was all over the place?

red bull wings


WELLLLLL that 5 word sentence has gotten Red Bull into a class action lawsuit.  How do I know you are probably asking yourself. As I was scrolling through my Facebook this morning I came upon a link that one of my friends shared. It was a link out of Tampa saying that during a certain time frame that the company was using this line it was considered false advertising (well duh of course the only time you are going to have wings is if you buy the fake ones lol) BUT then of course most of the average people KNOW that Red Bull doesn’t really give you wings. It is simply a metaphor.



Nevertheless there is a class action lawsuit due to go to court in May of 2015. So If you ever purchased Red Bull between Jan. 1, 2002 and Oct. 3, 2014 fill out the application (super easy took me like a minute its just asking for email address, phone, address and choice of payment of 10.00 cash or 15.00 coupon) or you can request it be sent by mail by calling 877-495-1568. I guess they wont make a decision until May on if the company is reliable to pay out BUT what do you have to lose by filling the form out other then a minute of your time!

Click HERE for the link to the form to fill out!