Rohto Review And Giveaway

Rohto Review And Giveaway

Got that one of a kind gift for your loved one? I mean one of those gifts that will make every single person there cry? Well let me share this product with you guys. I received a tube of Rohto® Cool for review. No they don’t make YOU cool (but wouldn’t that be something, I would have to purchase several cases lol) but they CAN cool down your fiery red eyes!

Rohto  was actually  first launched in Japan over 100 years ago. WAIT..This product is actually over 100 years old??Rohoto What rock have I lived under? Ive NEVER even heard of them before now! If they have been around THAT long then they must be doing something right ya know!

Since I myself don’t really do eye drops and my lovely husband does, I gave him my bottle of Rohto to try for himself. After many uses (he seems to be getting quite a bit as he still has some as I type this), he says that this is the BEST eye-drops he has EVER used. He says they work even better then the major brand of drops we all know (I’m not going to name names but we all know who I am speaking of)! He feels better lubricated with these drops.

He told me that from now on when I purchase eye drops for him I HAVE to get Rohto from  here on out! So from this reaction I guess it is safe to assume that this is an A1 product.

This is A product that will lubricate all those red eyes when you give that one of a kind special gift for your loved one on Christmas day!

You can also find Rohoto on their social media sites (feel free to tell them that I sent you too)




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Ok good news my dry eyed friendly peoples, you can try a tube for yourself! ! Just enter the giveaway below.



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