Shoplet Schneider Pen Review

Shoplet Schneider Pen Review

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I got some really AWESOME pens to review from Shoplet! They are easy to grip and the ink just glides across the paper. I hate when my pens skip exspecialy when I am in the middle of writing something really important BUT I don’t have to worry when using any of these pens because they glide! Let me tell you a little about each pen!

Schneider Xpress Porous Point Pen

Item #STW190001 on Shoplet’s website.

  • Premium fine-liner pen with an easy to grip shape and is rubberized to make it more comfortable when you are using it.
  • This pen uses a waterproof ink and creates smooth lines. When working works with rulers and templates this pen is perfect to use.
  • And anyone with kids will appreciate this last fact cause we all know it has happened to all of us. It will last up to three days without drying when the cap is off.

Slider Edge 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen

Item #STW152201

  • It features Viscoglide ink that is smoother than gel ink (and I for one LOVE gel pens) and a three-edge barrel for writing without hand getting tired.
  • It has waterproof ink dries fast and is wipe-proof even when highlighting.

Slider XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen basic

Item #STW151201

  • Also features Viscoglide ink’
  • Waterproof ink dries quickly without smearing and is smear-resistant when highlighting.

The following pens have the same GREAT features

Slider Memo XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen

Item #STW150295

Slider Memo XB red

Item #STW150202

Slider Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Item #STW132501

  • Progressive ballpoint pens deliver smooth, Viscoglide ink and exceptional writing comfort.
  • Ink glides easily over paper for a high-performance writing experience.
  • Ink dries fast and is wipe-proof even when highlighting.

I did a write test of each of these wonderful pens. My favorite was the Schneider Xpress Porous Point Pen. Take a look for yourself, which pen is YOUR favorite?

schneider pen writing samples

I also got the Memo pen set with Muulti Colors.

schneider memo set

Here is a sample of those pens. My favorite color was Pink. Although ALL the colors are bright and vibrant.

scneider memo writing samples

I REALLY love all these pens. Of course its way to many for my purse so I had to pick and choose. Now to keep them from disappearing lol!! Because they are MINE MINE MINE!!!