Short Message As We Approach The Holidays.

Short Message As We Approach The Holidays.

Aloha my lovely readers

As we approach the holiday season starting with Halloween Parties and ending with welcoming in 2015, I wanted to say to you to take a minute and remind you all lets all be safe and make good decisions. DON’T drink and party and decide that you are going to hop into your cars,trucks motorcycles, pop your keys into that ignition and drive off. I want you all to be here and bring in 2015 with me.

dont drink n drive


I want you all to see what 2015 will bring for my blog. What great stuff I will be giving away to you guys. And most importantly I don’t want YOUR family and YOUR friends to have to say goodbye to you cause after all they love you! Or I don’t want someone else to have to say good bye to their loved one because you my friends made the wrong choice. A choice that once made can NEVER be taken back. I want each and everyone of you to take a minute and watch this video. The strength of this man I could not imagine. My kids are now 22 and 18 and I still could not imagine them not being on this earth.