Shuckin Corn on the Cob Fun

Shuckin Corn on the Cob Fun

So I do not know how many of you seen a video that is floating around Facebook of this lady shucking corn from the microwave. When I seen it I thought hmmm interesting I think I need to try that and see if it really does work. So do you think it worked? Watch my video and see for yourself!


AMAZING! This is the easiest way to shuck corn I have ever seen or I have tried! And what is even cooler is that you get none or practically no shuck Hair on your cob at all! I do not know abut you guys, but I personally HATE the hair after shucking it and hate when it is still there even after boiling my corn in water on the stove.


So when I seen this I thought RIGHT ON! And when it actually worked I was like oh yea momma gots her a new and improved way to make corn on the cob and even better, less cooking time at that.

It was even a little bit fun doing it this way. It was like magic! lol.  Yes my readers I am amused VERY easily.You could bet someone 1.00 (or better yet make those spouses do something that is needed to be done around the house lol) that you could make corn on the cob ad not have any corn hair all over it or at least minimal amount (like less then 5) and WIN!

fresh corn on the cob

Look guys NO HAIR ON ME!


Now another question that you might have is “how did it taste?” or “did it taste as good as it does cooked normal way” I can answer both of those questions with one word YES!!! Yes it did.

I recommend making your corn this way any chance you can get.

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