Sugar Free Banana Cream Pie

Sugar Free Banana Cream Pie




Here is a recipe for those of you that are diabetic or like me post weight loss surgery that enjoys a nice sweet pie every now and then.  BUT cant eat the excess sugar that you can find in cakes and pies.

This pie is delicious and is a big hit for EVERYONE. I have made this several times however I recently made this for our 4th of July celebration a few weeks ago.  And of course once again the pie is a HUGE hit! You are not much of a baker you say…… can burn water you say too……….well guess what……you do not have to be because this recipe is very simple to make!  Here is the recipe:

Sugar free banana cream pie


1 8 oz tub sugar free Cool whip cream

1 bunch of banana

1 graham cracker crust (either homemade or store bought)

1 box banana pudding


Cut bananas

Place a level of bananas on top of crust covering the entire bottom

Mix pudding up as directed on the box

Fold in the pudding into the whip cream

Pour pudding and whip cream mixture in crust over the bananas

Garnish the top with remaining cut bananas

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours and serve

See did I not tell you that this recipe is so simple to make, that even the unskilled baker, who can burn water is able to make this pie. It is light and airy and makes the perfect summer treat!

Now go make one for your family or that next get together today. Then come back here and under the comments let me know what YOU thought of the pie. Was it easy to make for you? How did it taste? Would you make it again? And finally we all “tweak (no I did not say twerk I said tweak so unpucker those buttercups) recipes that we make, what would you do to tweak this and make it even better?

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