The Bouq flowers Review

The Bouq flowers Review

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Alooooha to all my readers. First let me apologize as I normally make Video Reviews but my Camera is down and I was hoping to have it fixed by now but unfortiontly I have not and I must get some reviews up. So lets start with The Bouqs Company. Let me start by saying if you need that last minute Mothers Day gift or even a late mothers day gift THIS is a great place to start at!  I received a GORGEOUS bouquet of roses from them. I actually paid a little out of my pocket and ordered 2 dozen of their Rainbow roses. Here is a stock photo on their website:

Volcano Rainbow Roses Volcano Rainbow Roses

These Rainbow roses come from their Volcano Collection. They also have a California Collection. When you order from The Bouqs your flowers get clipped and shipped straight to your door to ensure freshness of your flowers. They get delivered via Fed Ex. I ordered mine and they arrived a few days later. They arrived on the date they said they would. Here are the flowers that my husband (I sent them to him) received:

Bouq rainbow rosses

Bouq rainbow roses

My husband Kelly and his Rainbow Roses

When they arrived they were healthy and beautiful!  They lasted probably a week and half to two weeks. The only thing that we were disappointed in was that the aroma of the roses was not quite as bold as we prefer. I am not sure if it is because it lost some during shipping or what. The colors we however bright and beautiful as shown in stock photo and they bloomed so beautifully. My husband who makes candles with artificial flowers (real flowers does not hold up in the oil) said over and over how much he would LOVE to be able to make these roses into his candles. The customer service at The Bouqs are awesome and have a GREAT sense of humor! And the prices are very reasonable!

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