These Are The Times To Be Thankful For…

These Are The Times To Be Thankful For…

A big Aloha to all my lovely readers!


Aloha Everyone!

So this post is going to come from my heart. As we reach the holidays, My Birthday (wait that IS a holiday isn’t it? LOL), Thanksgiving,Christmas and New Years we should all take the time to cherish the precious moments that we are about to create with our family and our friends. I know for me I will be making every moment count. As some know my husband Kelly had a heart attack back on October 21, 2011. This heart attack left him with a leaky valve so January 11, 2012 he went in and had a valve replacement put in. During that time of being in the hospital his heart kept going into V tack and also into SV Tack so they decided to place a heart defibrillator/Pacemaker (yes it does both). And then they sent us home telling us even though his heart was junk he had a Cadillac defib in side his chest. At that point his heart was working at 25% and that was the best they were going to be able to get it to.

my husband

Kelly and I at Hupana Beach on November 14, 2014

Well over they past year his heart has gotten worse. He was Diagnosed with Congstive Heart Failure and also with a Aortic Aneurysm (Dr described it as a bulging heart) and has lost another 5% of his heart. We were recently told that there was nothing more they could do to make it “better” the only thing they can do is up his meds in the hopes of slowing down the deterioration process of his heart. Sadly I know a bit of what to expect as his heart deteriorates more as he has described to me what he went through with his momma (she passed away of Congestive Heart Failure 9 years ago) and it is not something that will be very fun to watch and experience (but then what kind of death is really?)

chf ribbon

Congestive Heart Failure Awareness Ribbon

My husband and I met 19 years ago. We were together only for a short time and I found out I was pregnant with our son Zak (who is now 18). During this time of his life he really was not ready for a new relationship as he was not over his first wife that he had just recently experienced a divorce with. And so we went our separate ways. We spent almost 10 years not seeing each other (we call this his mentally impaired time period and not a time that he was happy with himself about, but it is the past and we have built a wonderful present together) Then we seen each other again (this is when I found out his parents had passed away his dad of brain cancer and then 6 months later his mom from congestive Heart Failure) I welcomed him into my home (he had left everything to take care of his parents and his parents estate just went into probate shortly prior) so that he could get to know his son (after all he was my sons father and I did not want to see him homeless). So what started out a few days has ended up being a lifetime as we rekindled what we had before and then some.

On November 19, 2006, two days prior to my 33erd birthday Kelly and I married.

our wedding day

Our Wedding Day November 19, 2006

Now in a few days we will be celebrating 8 years of marriage and trust me I will make it a day to remember BUT there is that small piece of me that wonders “how many more of these celebrations will we be able to have with one another?” We made the promise to each other to make every day count and to live life to the fullest now while he can enjoy it.


Kelly and I heading to Hupana Beach

The focus of this post is this guys…. Celebrate every day with your loved ones to the fullest because you never can know what will happen, Always be thankful for what you have even if it does not seem to be a lot and try and stay healthy, keep those yearly checkups and eat right.

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